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Joey Burr is a 23 year old who has a passion for overcoming his weaknesses, meeting goals and always striving to better himself. His goals for his clients are to become healthy and self-motivated. He teaches his clients how to follow nutritional guidelines, program their workouts and keep a healthy state of mind.

Joey started his sports career in tee-ball, where he quickly moved into soccer for quite some time. When Joey reached High School, he played Football, he wrestled and played rugby. He helped his High School team win States his Junior year for the rugby club. During his Senior year, he tore his MCL and sprained his LCL, but that didn’t stop his desire to continue to play. During his second semester in College, he started to play Rugby again for Longwood University. There he helped the team win the Division 3 National title during his sophomore year.

It was the beginning of the sophomore year that Joey realized how much he enjoyed working out and understood it had a huge role to play in sports. He quickly began interning with the Strength and Conditioning department. He has trained Division 1 Athletes including soccer, baseball, basketball, cross country and field hockey. He also has experience training football and wrestling athletes.

Joey attended Longwood University to study Kinesiology and is a Certified Health and Fitness Professional. His hobbies outside of the weight room include taking his dogs on hikes, playing computer games and graphic designing on photoshop.

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